A friend of mine, that lives in Maine, was recently sharing that the mayflies are everywhere nowadays.  And then he shared that they only live for one day.


I’ve been thinking about the mayflies ever since. Wondering if the day is frenetic and full? Is it awe-filled or dread-ful? Do they enjoy what is or worry about what will soon be?


Can you imagine… having only one day to live? That thought spins my mind into another and another… If I did have only one day in my whole life, how would I spend it? Who would I spend it with?


And then my mind races down another path… What if someone else, someone with whom I cross paths; a neighbor, a person at the grocery store, the BGE employee who picked up the phone when I called when my refrigerator stopped working last week – what if that other person had only one day to live?  Can I live in such a way that all of my interactions with others ensure that their days are better ones and worthy of living because we were blessed to engage?


As I pondered the day long life of the mayfly, sitting out by the lake, a mayfly landed on my son’s knee. He gently shooed the creature away and I swiftly and lovingly reminded him not to forget that this is that guy’s one and only day of life, we’ve got to do everything possible to make it special.


What if?!? What if we could treat all of God’s creatures  with such sensitivity and care?  Why shouldn’t we? Why wouldn’t we?!?


Here’s to a week of caring, of lifting, and of loving!


5 thoughts on “Rabbi Saroken’s Weekly Message”

  1. Susan Hackerman says:

    It is an interesting thought as to what you would do if you only had one day.
    I think I would surround myself with loved ones. Other special items would
    include music, art, nature and favorite
    things. I think it’s impossible to fit
    everything I love into one day but I would make it bountiful with beauty and love.

  2. Ellensue Levinson-Jeffers says:

    Thank you for this. This is sooo true. If we all could live like this, what a different world we would have. All we can do is pay it forward.

  3. Helene Goldberg says:

    Thank you for your thoughtful comments, as always.

  4. Robin Bass says:

    I love this message so much. I enjoyed hearing it Friday morning in the gratitude service and have shared it many times this weekend with friends. Thank you for everything you do to lift our spirits now and forever. Take care.

  5. Sheryl Title says:

    Love that you keep our minds stimulated to think outside the box or rather outside the house to treat everyone with sensitivity and care. XO

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