I used to love watching the Sunday morning talk shows.  I would eagerly await the Sunday that I had a bit of free time to grab a cup of tea, a bagel, and my remote and listen to the news of the day explored by great thinkers.  Lately though, the news of the day isn’t boosting our spirits.  So our team decided that we were going to launch a Sunday Soul Boost.  This past Sunday, Rabbi Ben Shalva and I piloted the idea and it was a highlight of my week.

“Spiritual Anchors” is a 25 minute soul boost that we’re offering every Sunday of the season 10:00-10:25am.  The idea is simple:  Two rabbis from our greater Baltimore community come together to share a piece of Torah or a prayer that’s been anchoring us in this moment in time.

It’s fun.  It’s honest.  It’s hope-filled.  And it’s reassuring.  Because the truth is; we’re all trying to find our anchors nowadays. And we’re up for sharing our treasures.

This Sunday, our co-hosts will be Rabbi Jessy Dressin (Repair the World) and Rabbi Josh Gruenberg (Chizuk Amuno).  Next week, our co-hosts will be Rabbi Craig Axler (Temple Isaiah) and Rabbi Elissa Sachs Kohen (Baltimore Hebrew). You can join us on zoom or or on facebook live to listen in.  These rabbis and the conversation between them, will surely excite and inspire you.

As we all prepare for a new chapter, with a new year around the bend, we’re looking forward to continuing to fill our days with hope, meaningful programs, ways to grow and connect. This month especially – we’re looking forward to providing opportunities to dig in deep, to explore the people that we are, and the people we yearn to be, and the inspiration to bridge the gap between those two selves.

So here’s to all of us…

Here’s to healthy days ahead…

Here’s to hope….

Here’s to self exploration and growth…

Here’s to “becoming”…

And here’s to having enough spiritual anchors to grab onto that we can all courageously navigate whatever comes our way.

Soulfully Yours,

Rabbi Dana Saroken

4 thoughts on “Sunday mornings”

  1. Jane West Walsh says:

    Thank you all @ The Soul Center for your caring and wisdom. It matters and your responses to needs during the pandemic are creative and helpful.


    Thank you, Rabbi!

  3. Renee King says:

    Rabbi Saroken you are always so uplifting. I am so grateful for your presence in my life.

  4. Myrna Cardin says:

    I love your idea of a spiritual anchor! Like you, I tried to carve out Sunday mornings for the news shows and The NY Times. I must admit that I’ve stopped watching the shows. My favorite was Meet the Press which happens to be the same time as your creative program. Now I can reclaim that time with something uplifting!
    Thank you so much.
    Myrna Cardin

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