5 thoughts on “Realistic Goals”

  1. Kim says:

    I needed to read today! These are wonderful reminders to help us prepare for the high holidays:-).

    Miss you all!


  2. Susan Hackerman says:

    For me:
    1. To think of those who came before me and honor their memory by visiting
    the cemetaries.
    2.To continue to volunteer in ways that can help others in the community
    3.To reach out and communicate with
    one friend or relative every day to check in and be sure they are ok
    4.Give myself the opportunity to take some time to do things that bring me

  3. Sheryl Title says:

    Good reminders, good goals.

    Thank you

  4. Bracha Goetz says:


  5. Barbara Shapiro says:

    Be thankful for good health.and a prized life Give back to those in need in this perilous time and always remember to respect others no matter their race or religion as you woulD want to be treated By others

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