How was Thanksgiving?  Hoping you all stayed safe and that something this week brought you happiness; maybe the Macy’s Day parade, maybe a sweet potato dish or a nice zoom or phone call.  For me, a highlight of Thanksgiving was our dinnertime conversation.  We followed the suggestion of Casper ter Kuile (an expert on rituals who recently Zoomed into the Soul Center) and spent hours on these questions.

I share them with you today because today seems to be the beginning of a whole new stretch of this pandemic, because we all need to up our game (again!) and stay put, and to stay home if you are able. So here are the questions.: Have a Zoom and discuss them with people you enjoy, write about them in a notebook or a journal, or maybe just take some time to reflect and ponder.  And remember…when you get lonely, antsy, feel like you’re losing track of time, or feeling that sort of alone-ness that hurts most –  remember that the sun will shine again and we will gather again and we will someday know easier and happier days. Until then, wishing you the strength to persevere, the optimism to stay hopeful, the support you need to feel connected and cared for, and enough to do to make the days worth getting out of bed for.  Wishing you blessings.

Worthy questions to occupy some time:

What are you grateful for?

What do you want to learn in this coming year?

What have you been surprised by this year?

What moment of kindness do you remember from this year?

Which memory do you wish you could relive from this year?

What risk did you take this year?

What are you proud to have accomplished this year?

What is the best advice you’ve been given this year?

What’s one thing that makes you happy to be alive?

What are you proud to have let go of this year?

Who inspires you nowadays?

What’s your favorite lesson you learned this year?

How do you remind yourself what matters most?

Soulfully Yours,

Rabbi Dana Saroken

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