Last night…
We experienced Shir Joy. Singing together in a candlelit room, we brought some warmth, harmony and happiness into hundreds of people’s lives.
It’s a strange thing nowadays, trying to preach, teach, or pray in masks. There’s no facial feedback, no way to tell if a person is smiling, impossible to tell if people are praying along with you.
But last night I could hear the voices singing along with us. I could feel the smiles even through the masks.
The rains were pouring down and the winds were whistling outside but the night felt as delicious as the fireball with hot cider and the hot chocolate flavoured Hershey kisses (a must!). (Thank you, Elise Harrison for the spectacular find!)
Not sure when Shir Joy will be gathering again – (we’re thinking about doing something fun at Chanukah) but I do know that while Rafi and Rachel are out listening to Cris Jacob’s and Paul Weinberg’s bands tonight playing 80’s and 90’s covers at Union Craft Brewery, I’ve secretly been home listening to last night’s service on Facebook. I was too tired to go out but… I’m content and singing. Still.
Sending wishes for a Shavuah tov!
Soulfully yours,
Rabbi Dana Saroken

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