How did our ancestors deal with change? Like Abraham, some took a giant leap and we marvel at their faith. Like Jacob and Esav, they run when presented with conflict and betrayal. Like Rebecca, she comes into a new life with hope and promise, and then is met with disappointment. Overall, I think the message is change is hard! And bumpy. And filled with highs and lows.

You may have read in the email sent out on Friday afternoon that I have taken a new position. I’ll be working at The Soul Center until mid-January. But I don’t really want to talk about that tonight. Just know that I believe in two things: 1) how you finish is just as important as how you start; and 2) I’m not leaving the Soul Center- I just won’t work there anymore.

Actually, the change I want to talk about is that my youngest child is getting vaccinated against COVID-19 tomorrow. The change I’ve been waiting for, praying for is actually going to happen. All of that holding my breath for 20 months. And of course a great big “now what?” Will I change my behavior at all? Would I consider eating in a restaurant? How will this minor change- a tiny shot in a 9 year old’s arm- affect my life?

This is a change that I know is coming. What about changes that come when they are unexpected? Does having experience with change help us when other changes come along? I’m reading Life Is In the Transitions, the newest book by Bruce Feiler. He’ll be our speaker for Wit, Wine & Wisdom.  Let me tell you, the book is incredible- I’m not just saying that. He’s got me thinking about change in totally new ways. Pick it up- you won’t be disappointed! Change is not linear.  I’m just glad to have you all on the journey.

Soulfully yours,


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