Ahh, I’m writing here from Cleveland from a weekend of visiting family. It’s hard, these snippets of time. Trying to condense and consolidate the hours into something that counts as quality time. Most of the people I saw this weekend I hadn’t seen in months, others in years. I was able to catch up with people, but some other folks I just saw and didn’t get to have a proper chat. There was some COVID weirdness to manage. It’s an exquisite sense of the bittersweet (which, incidentally, I often think is the most Jewish of emotions).  I’m eager to hear how your Thanksgiving celebrations and reunions went. Were you able to dive into gratitude right away, or was it more complicated?

I’ll be driving home tomorrow (perhaps as you’re reading this). I’m going to start my drive by listening to one of my favorite artists, Ari Hest, who sings a song called Less. If you don’t know it, click here to hear it right now. I bet it will quickly become your go-to Thanksgiving song.

Wishing you all the best and a wonderful start to Hanukkah, the holiday where we collectively gather to beat back the darkness. Join us on Thursday to celebrate with Shir Joy- see details in the email below!

Soulfully yours,

Rachel Siegal

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