My brain just can’t take in the number of Covid cases in my personal world and the happy Facebook pics of friends on vacation (I am genuinely happy for you all! And praying you don’t get sick). So tonight, I’m making a grateful list, because Rabbi Saroken says it helps to ground us in the present and to feel some pieces of control in a swirling world that feels a bit too chaotic for me today. The key, Rabbi Saroken says, is to make your gratitude list very specific.  So here goes:

  1. Ted Lasso. The happiest show. Just re-watched it last week when I was sick (not Covid). It’s just as good as the first time around. Prior to that, I loved Last Tango in Halifax, and of course Sex Education. Maybe I’m just a fan of British TV?
  2. Rom-coms. As Ted himself says, “I believe in Communism– Rom-Communism!” How many of you are watching Love Actually this weekend? C’mon, admit it!
  3. My wearable blanket and my weighted blanket. I only let myself indulge in this crazy comfort on Shabbat. Also, my Shabbat coffee mug- it’s beautiful and swirly, it was given to me as a gift from dear friends, and it doesn’t have a handle, so it needs to be cupped in 2 hands on a non-rushed morning.
  4. Black Cherry White Claws. the best flavor!
  5. Having the opportunity to help someone else. Just this week I had the chance to help out a few folks in a few different situations. It’s a blessing to be able to do it, and to know that others see me as the type of person who is reliable and can be counted on.
  6. Starting new books this week: Our Country Friends by Gary Shteyngart, The Still Point of the Turning World by Emily Rapp, and Count the Ways by Joyce Maynard.
  7. Celebrating the brilliance that was Joan Didion.
  8. This toy poodle (we’re dog sitting) that is sitting on my lap as I type this.
  9. Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend podcast- my steady audio companion.
  10. My sleepy middle child, who each morning is renewed with delight when she remembers that we got a pandemic puppy (who is now nearly two years old).

What’s on your gratitude list today? Would love to see yours- post it in the comments!

And to all those in your world who celebrate- Merry Christmas. And in the words of Jamie Tartt from Ted Lasso- God bless me, everyone.

Soulfully yours,

Rachel Siegal

4 thoughts on “gratitude list”

  1. Jill Eisen says:

    Rachel this is perfect timing. Covid is scarier than ever. My best friend has it. Caught it from her son. She was the most careful, mask wearing person out there. Now my niece may have been exposed. She wasn’t suppose to be at my parents house today but she came anyway and now maybe exposed us. I too have been the most careful mask wearing person. Here is my gratitude list. As Jon Gordon says if you are filled with gratitude it is impossible to be stressed at the same time.
    1. You, Rabbi Saroken, Julie, Rabbi Shalva and Cantor Blatt.
    2. The Good Witch, my current favorite binge worthy show on Netflix.
    3. My new job at Pearlstone
    4. Lola, the dog I’m lucky to co-parent when her Mama is out of town
    5. The best friends ever
    6. Football
    7. Reading
    8. Knitting- the journey of moving the needles and making magic happen
    9. When my son comes into my room at the start of the day and says Good Morning, I love you. 💕

  2. Ilene Glickman says:

    Yes to Love Actually this weekend and The Holiday.

    Last week a delivery service knocked over my mail box and said nothing. Today my neighbor repaired it (new wood and all) while I was away and said nothing. His goal was to be a secret Santa – I investigated until I figured it out.

    Unexpectedly have both of my children home.

  3. Lisa greenberg says:

    My family was supposed to leave for a trip this morning and we had to cancel it. My daughter has Covid and I am sick and getting retested. My son is home from college. All three of us are in the same house but all quarantined to different rooms. It’s ironic and Ofcourse nothing is a coincidence, that you write about a gratitude list. As I have been sitting alone in my room wishing my children and I could have been on our first trip in many years I try to not get caught up in how sad and disappointed I feel. So I’ve watched video after video today on gratitude. One of the videos spoke specifically about a gratitude list. So here is mine:

    I am so grateful that my two children are under the same roof with me again. I’m thrilled that they are able to smile and laugh through this trying time.

    I am grateful for my big furry friend Hank who is curled up next to me.

    I am so grateful for learning about a book recently titled The Happiness Trap by Russ Harris.

    I am so grateful that a dear friend called me this evening and we were able to share a very meaningful conversation.

    So thankful for the inspiring writings of Rachel and Rabbi Sarokin.

  4. Dee says:

    I, with you, don’t understand. My biggest concern is making sure my 10th grader does not miss 5-10 days of school while I know people who were afraid to miss vacation. 🤷‍♀️ I guess I need to start a gratitude journal. I need to focus on the good around and not focus on what other people are doing. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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