This past week, I joined Rabbi Saroken and the Beth El team in Florida. It was the first time The Soul Center was part of this experience and I wanted to take everything in, enjoy all the little delights and learn as much as I could. Noticing the little things are easy for me. Walking outside in the mornings and feeling the sun on my face; a coffee bar at Ibis with iced coffee and the perfect ice chips; seeing the ocean; a peak into the full lives of some incredibly accomplished women; Cantor King singing If I were a rich man; uninterrupted time with Rabbi Saroken and Amanda Beitman and time to talk about big and small dreams both personal and professional; and a walk in the park, listening to a great podcast and having an inspiring conversation that can change the way one might think about their life and legacy. These were some of my highlights.

Because it’s the month of Adar and we’re supposed to be increasing our joy, and we were in Florida where the weather was warm, we decided to try the Soul Center program Destination Anywhere. It’s the one where we hike, listen to a podcast and have a conversation over yummy drinks and snacks. The podcast we listened to is called Rethinking with Adam Grant. We listened to the episode Power, purpose and the American presidency (click HERE to listen) with Jared Cohen. The episode is a conversation about what seven American presidents did after leaving the presidency and what their stories can teach us about pursuing and finding purpose.

We all enjoyed the podcast and perhaps we enjoyed the conversation about the podcast even more. The podcast made us think about how we plan for the future chapters of our lives, how we move through our lives with purpose. How we handle transitions and change. We spoke about legacy. If we should spend time worrying about or trying to shape our legacies or will others ultimately determine how they remember us?

Within our conversation, Rabbi Saroken shared some insights from Doris Kearns Goodwin that really brought these ideas together. In a TED talk Doris Kearns Goodwin shared “the richest and fullest lives attempt to achieve an inner balance between three realms: work, love, and play. And that to pursue one realm to the disregard of the other, is to open oneself to ultimate sadness in older age. Whereas to pursue all three with equal dedication, is to make possible a life filled not only with achievement, but with serenity.“  Wow.

This one idea can really get you to think… What is the balance of these three areas like in my life?

For me, because I love my work and also enjoy it, it’s easy to give a lot of my time and attention to this segment of my life. Our conversations offered me the insight that could help me recalibrate. To give more attention to my relationships and to play, delight and joy.  Because at the end of my life, whenever that should be, I’d certainly like to feel a sense of serenity.

How is your balance between work, love, and play? Where might you need to recalibrate? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Wishing everyone a week filled with a healthy balance of work, love and play!

Soulfully yours,

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