Mikvah Guides

Avi Burstein

Avi Burstein has worked in the mental health field and has focused on working with those struggling with life transitions, changes, and challenged expectations. He loves to be in nature, especially hiking around bodies of water, cook, and spend time with his family. His favorite thing to do with water is to just listen to it flow.


Deborah Cardin

Deborah Cardin is the Deputy Director for Programs and Development at the Jewish Museum of Maryland where she has been giving tours of the Lloyd Street Synagogue (and its historic mikvah which dates to 1845) for nearly 17 years. She enjoys gardening, cooking and going to museums. Her favorite thing to do with water is to watch it from a beach chair with a drink in hand!

Saralyn Elkin

Saralyn Elkin is entering a new phase in her life as an empty nester.  Her happy places are being home with her family and dog, Zoey; out exploring and connecting to nature and being anywhere she can meditate, exercise and practice yoga.  She also enjoys getting together with family and friends, reading, knitting and volunteering. She finds water to be healing and rejuvenating. Her favorite thing to do with water is to immerse herself in it.


Yvonne Epstein

Yvonne Epstein is the Assistant to the Clergy at Beth El.  She loves to read, travel and spend time with her husband and entire family and friends.



Randee Greenwald

Randee Greenwald has been an active volunteer and advocate for the last 30 years, working with at-risk teen girls, abused women and adults with intellectual disabilities. Her myriad of interests include drumming in a rock band, practicing reiki healing, healthy cooking, reading, fitness, traveling and meditating. She is the proud mom of 3 daughters (one has 4 legs)! Her happy place is to sit on the beach and watch the ocean waves roll onto the shore.


Jody Harburger

Jody Harburger is Yaakov ben Zeev, Poppi to his grandchildren,(Shalva, Jack, Molly, Nava and Ayelet) Daddy or Dad to my children (Neely, Noah and Aleeza), Jody to my wife, Sheila and friends. Jewish youth groups, Jewish overnight camping, havurot, retreats, conferences, missions and family travel to Israel, ulpan in Israel, volunteering on Kibbutz and the family dinner table all shaped the core of my being as a Jewish person. I feel that I am one of the most fortunate creatures on earth for all these treasures that have been bestowed on me and that I have had the encouragement and sechel to embrace.

Nannette Herlands

With degrees in both Psychology and Nursing, Nannette Herlands is committed to a wholistic view of health and identity. In her free time, she enjoys gardening, eating delicious food, and avoiding domestic chores. Her favorite thing to do with water is bathe her children in it.

Julie Hettleman

Julie Hettleman is the Program Coordinator for the Soul Center, where her previous work and life experiences make it the perfect place for her. She is a newbie to yoga and meditation (and loving it), loves a good podcast and family cooked dinners with her two kids. Her favorite thing to do with water is to dive into it!



Jennifer Millman

Jennifer Mendelsohn Millman is a lifelong resident of Baltimore.
She practiced law for over a decade before falling in love with being a Jewish communal professional. Jennifer is the Director of the Jewish Women’s Giving Foundation of Baltimore. She loves to feed people at her dining room table and play outside with her husband and 2 kids. Her favorite thing to do on water is float!


Simone Rosenbloom

Simone Rosenbloom is a retired teacher who taught for 25 years at Bais Yaakov Girl’s School. Though retired, she is still involved with Bais Yaakov School as a mentor for new teachers and  as a substitute  for teaching is her hobby rather than  her job. She also volunteers as a reading tutor in the Baltimore City Schools. Simone is active in Hadassah and is involved in a program called Check It Out where she visits high school seniors educating them on breast cancer awareness. Simone enjoys time with her husband and family which consists of 3 children and 6 grandchildren. Her favorite thing to do with water is to watch her children and grandchildren have fun in the swimming pool and at water parks while on a family vacation.

Sarah Rovin

Sarah Rovin is a JOFEE Fellow (Jewish outdoor food farming and environmental education) at the Pearlstone Center where she facilitates immersive Jewish outdoor programs in the woods, at the farm and with animals. When she is not getting her hands dirty in the garden, she love to sing with her friends around the shabbat table and ride her bike along the inner harbor. Her favorite thing to do with water is to take a bubble bath or relax in a nature hot spring.

Rachel Siegal

Rachel Siegal is the managing director of the Soul Center, and has over 14 years of professional Jewish community experience. She loves to read, cook (but only when not under a time crunch), and hang with her husband & 3 kiddos. Her favorite thing to do with water is drink it!


Abby Woloff