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What can this series do for you? Create more harmony in your home! Add a new dimension to your Passover prep! Shift your perspective  and have your life flow with greater ease and alignment!
Our 4-part series with Marilyn Mars will be an opportunity to consciously look at your home and open possibilities in your life. The Soul Center’s signature Jewish twist will be added by a Soul Center wisdom leader.
These classes are designed to help people build their clutter clearing muscles and have fun while doing it.
In these classes you’ll learn:
1 – What clutter is and how it’s affecting you in your life.
2 – In depth techniques to clutter clear your home including how to decide what stays and what
3 – How to create new habits and stay clutter free.
4 – You’ll gain a fresh perspective on your home and your life.

Wednesdays from 7:00-9:00 p.m., March 8, 15, 22 & 29 on Zoom
Series is capped at 10 participants. $200 per person
*To enhance the group work, it is best if you can make all four sessions.

Testimonials from previous participants:
“This program is a spectacular and supportive group to those who yearn to declutter and those who want to understand their own tendencies to hold onto things or to need order and everyone in between.”
“Really loved the pieces of Judaism and spirituality – helped to ground me and help me remember what is actually important.”
“I had not understood the mind’s connection to items, and the emotional connection. I also had never thought of my home as being here to serve me, that I get to live in a home that brings me joy, peace.”
“I was not sure what to expect when I signed up for the decluttering cohort. What I found was so much more! The teacher, Marilyn, has such a kind and gentle way of expressing the ideas she wants to put forth. You learn not only how to declutter your home, but in many ways how to declutter your mind. It is so much more than just tips to clean your house. You end up in deeply gratifying self- exploration.”
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