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This month, we’re extending the spirit of Rosh Chodesh into the first week of Kislev, in which we will (slightly belatedly!) welcome in this month that celebrates the light and honors the shadows of life. Together, we will dance in a darkened room and lose ourselves to soulful music and movement.

Rosh Chodesh is a monthly happening that celebrates the power of women. There is a tradition that on Rosh Chodesh (every month) women take a break from their to-do list and instead celebrate the new moon with other women. Gathering together and enjoying life.

With Andrea Lieber as our guide – she’ll help us kindle our inner light in a movement practice that is accessible for all bodies. We’ll even set an intention for what we want the next month to hold.

Tuesday, November 21st @ 8:00 PM meet in the Soul Center; Bring a donation of any amount with you!


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