On Pause/Seasonal Program

The work of parenting–and living in connection with others in general–can be glorious, and amazing.  And it can be, at least as often, frustrating, crazymaking, and mind-numbingly boring. How can the riches of the Jewish tradition help us to transform the most difficult moments with our children and the other people in our lives? How can it illuminate the beautiful moments in powerful new ways?  But not only that: What do parents who are deep in the trenches of this labor of love, have to teach Judaism about what spirituality is and can be?  And, most critically, what might happen if we regard the work of raising children–and being in loving connection with other people as a whole–as a legitimate spiritual practice in its own right?

This talk with Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg will explore these essential questions of heart and soul, and their implications for parents of young children, and anyone else who might ever try to connect deeply with another human being.

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