On Pause/Seasonal Program

Real Topics, Real People, Real Conversations
Enjoy a gourmet catered lunch and touchingly truthful discussion about a subject people don’t ordinarily talk about. Moderated by columnist Laura Black, our learning and sharing will kick off by reading one of Laura’s starkly honest, on-topic articles. You’ll leave feeling elevated and connected to our special Soul Center community.

Wednesday, March 4, 12:00 – 1:30 p.m. in The Soul Center
“An Emergency Colostomy Was Not on My To-Do List” – Looking at Purpose
$30 includes lunch. Space is limited, please register below.

6 Week Series
April 22 – “If the Biopsy is Positive, I’m Serving Store Bought Stuffing” – Permission for Imperfection
April 29 – “Mother’s Day: Love, Loss and What to Wear” – The Death of a Parent
May 6 – “Alexa, Does This Make Me Look Old?” – Feeling of Marginalization as We Age
May 13 – “I don’t Want to Wear Beige, Nor Keep My Mouth Shut” – Dealing with Daughters-In-Law
May 20 – “Learning to Love the Dreaded Bridal Shower” – How We Need Women in Our Lives
May 27 – “Can Bubbie Come Out and Play?” – Making New Friends as Adults
$30 per session includes lunch. Space is limited, please register below.