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Havdalah is always a moving experience. Let’s elevate the adventure of transitioning from Shabbat to the week ahead by moving outdoors for one very special, summer Saturday night.

Amidst the fireflies twinkling and warm breezes blowing, The Soul Center’s Shir Joy Band — featuring Elie Greenberg, Rabbi Dana Saroken, Rabbi Ben Shalva, Cantor Melanie Blatt, and Abby and Isaac Woloff — will lead us through an immersive, musical Havdalah that will warm your heart and lift your soul.

Havdalah marks the end of Shabbat, so here’s the plan:  When you see three stars in the sky, grab your cell phone or laptop and dash outside (or stay inside with the air conditioning — we won’t judge). We’ll be waiting for you (virtually, of course) with candles, wine, and spices to sing in a new summer week with hopefulness. Our time together will last no more than 20 minutes and, we promise, every second of it will be precious!

Shir Joy Havdalah Service: Saturday, July 11 @ 9:22 p.m.

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