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A Blend of Yoga & Kabbalah
This new series will be a combination of the yogic ethical guides the Yamas & Niyamas & Jewish philosphy.


Welcome to the Yamas and Niyamas! These ethical guidelines of yoga help us move into deeper awareness of our own authenticity, they offer guidance on how to live a happy life!  Sound familiar? In fact, these yogic visions align incredibly with Torah, with Kabbalah, with Jewish living!  Guided by Nila Mechali, an extraordinary yoga teacher, we will explore the connection between the yoga world and the Jewish world of philosophy and ideas.  But don’t worry, we won’t keep you in your head for too long – because the yoga will be spectacular – soulful and energizing, the body and soul work will leave you walking taller and feeling stronger inside and out.  

Not sure about trying something new? We KNOW you’ll love it! First session is only $10!

Wednesdays in the Soul Center | 8:45-9:45 a.m.
$20 per session (first session $10); Option to register for up to 5 classes

Jan 18 – Non Violence (Ahimsa)
Jan 25 – Truth (Satya)
Feb 1 – Non Stealing (Asteya)
Feb 8 – Non Excess (Bramacharya)
Feb 15 – Non Possessiveness (Aparigraha)
Feb 22 – Purity (Saucha)
March 1 – Contentment (Santosha)
March 8 – Discipline (Tapas)
March 15 – no class
March 22 – Self Study (Svedhyaya)
March 29 – Surrender (Ishvara Pranidhana)
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