Welcome to a new idea…because Jewish opportunities to grow and connect can’t be limited to traditional prayer services on Shabbat or adult education classes in the synagogue library. We are here to appeal to the generation(s!) of Jews who require more creativity and relevance from their Judaism. People who have limited time and an overwhelming list of to-dos. People who are looking for ways to enhance the lives they are living—or aspiring to live.


In today’s complicated world, it’s so important to have a place that we can go to take care of our souls. It took us more months than you can imagine to find our name:  “The Pause Bar,” “The Nefesh Nook,” the list of possibilities went on and on. Finally, we landed on “The Soul Center “and it felt so right.  It still does.

From meditation to painting to cooking to drumming…the minute that you walk through our door or arrive at a program we’re hosting, you feel rejuvenated, uplifted, cared for, nourished. Your soul just feels better. You just know that you are in a place and a community that enables us all to think deeply, connect authentically, explore wholeheartedly, learn unabashedly.

Of course, the magic of The Soul Center doesn’t just happen. It is all carefully curated by my partners in creativity, Rachel Siegal and Julie Hettleman. They somehow always manage to get the details just right: twinkle lights, perfect cocktails, lush linens, edgy aprons, colorful markers. And then there is our commitment to bringing you the highest-caliber wisdom leaders and experts. You’ll find not one but two facilitators at all of our programs in order to ensure that the Jewish import—even if it only takes up a few minutes of focus—is as inspiring and transformative as the rest of your experience.

If you love yoga or hiking or scrapbooking or writing? We’ve got that. Been thinking about trying something new, like meditation or Nia movement, stand-up paddle boarding or a Brene Brown cohort? We’ve got that, too. Explore our programs and you’ll discover that our programs range from the everyday to the unexpected.

Almost three years into this great adventure, we’re hearing consistently that people are coming for our programs and community…and they’re coming back because they are finding that their lives are enriched by The Soul Center’s Jewish twist. Whatever your reason for coming and whatever you take away, the only thing that matters to us is how we made you feel: Supported, valued, and enriched. That we honored your time, and that we inspired you to want more and to draw nearer to your heritage. That whatever you showed up for was worth it. Because Judaism is worth it.